Christian Grey and the 50 Shades Trilogy

The first time I heard about the 50 Shades of Grey book was around July 2012. I am a big fan of RX93.1 Monster Radio and of the Kikay Barkada, especially Delamar. She’s always mentioned on air that she was reading this book. Everyday I would listen and I would hear the book mentioned. It is said to be generally for the female audience, as it fulfills their fantasy of the “perfect guy”, with a twist. It gives them ladies the satisfaction that can sometimes be elusive. And because I also “aim to please” my lady, I read the book (hey, other guys read it. I know because Del asked their male guests. Haha)

As a butch, I didn’t wanna be seen holding, much less reading the 50 Shades books. Lest people would think that I am already changing my Line of Business (BPO term). So I downloaded the PDF version on my HTC Sensation XL (shameless plug). With the phone’s big screen, reading the e-book was easy, handy, and incognito.

Don’t ask me how quickly I finished it, but I should say that with the training classes that I have, the out of town trips my girlfriend and I had in that season, I got to finish the book quicker than I would have finished my favorite John Grisham books. Del was right, once you start, you could hardly put it down.

I flipped from one page to another, one chapter after the other and before I knew it, I was in the last pages of the 3rd book.

The book was very graphic. I haven’t been in a hetero relationship (and never plan to, for the record), but I could imagine how happy, beautiful, cared for and satisfied Christian Grey made Anastasia feel. I could understand that if the grey shades got darker in book 2m, Ana chose to stay with her beau.

One trainee of mine remarked that the book was full of sex.  I think that was pretty obvious to begin with. I mean, EL James started with the idea of the book as a spin-off to the Twilight Saga. Why, both Edward and Christian seemed to be the perfect guy, who would sweep Bella and Ana off their feet, both talented, sexy, smart, protective and can clearly satisfy their women. Both have dark sides that their ladies selflessly and willingly accepted and loved. In both books though, we find the readers rooting for the male lead rather than the female, no matter how beautiful and sexy the books describe them to be. Well, we have a generally female audience, so that explains it.

Honestly, I had to research some of the terms used in the book. It is hardcore, that book and all the steamy scenes in it. The trilogy surpassed the sales of the Harry Potter franchise, we see Anne Curtis wearing a 50 Shades-inspired shirt in her noon time show, and everybody just says, “laters, Baby” in their FB statuses.

Needless to say, the books, and the characters in them, became phenomenal. Finding the perfect Christian Grey became the next fad. Candidates were Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling, , and my favorite – Henry Cavill (only because I liked him in The Immortals movie, and that he’s the next Clark Kent).

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

If you haven’t read the books yet, and want to watch the movie, which is rated NC-17 in the US, I suggest you read them now, while there’s time. Then replay your memories of the passionate love-making / f&^%(#ng when you watch the movie.

Oh and by the way, here are the guys’ pictures. Take your pick and join the poll below. Who knows, your bet may just get picked as Christian Grey.

Alright. Laters, Baby.

ian somerhalder

ian somerhalder

matt bomer

matt bomer

ryan gosling

ryan gosling

henry cavill

henry cavill



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